Patient-centric Care Approach in the Management of Overactive Bladder (OAB)

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Michael J. Kennelly, MD, FPMRS, FACS, joined by Kevin D. Benson, MD, MS and Karyn S. Eilber, MD, leads a comprehensive Urology Times® Viewpoints discussion on patient-centric management of overactive bladder (OAB). They cover an overview of OAB, standard care treatments, device and procedural advancements, and practical considerations for patient-centric care. The session delves into diagnostic assessments, symptom presentations, impact on quality of life, guideline recommendations for treatment, and the clinical benefits and limitations of standard pharmacological treatments. The experts also discuss the role of device-based therapies like sacral neuromodulation and intravesical botulinum toxin type A, focusing on patient eligibility, clinical experiences, and managing post-procedure care. They share insights on adapting procedures to enhance patient comfort, managing expectations, and the importance of follow-up care, providing valuable advice for enhancing patient experiences in OAB management.

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