Prolapse surgery outcomes compared in nursing home residents, community-dwelling adults

Anne M. Suskind, MD, MS, discusses the findings of the recent study, published in Urology.

New report adds insight on prostate MRI for monitoring during active surveillance

Based on the findings, investigators recommended that systematic biopsy be performed in patients with negative MRI and in addition to targeted biopsies in men with a positive MRI.

The small renal mass and in-office biopsy: An overview

Renal mass biopsy should be used for patients in whom results would impact management decisions.

Speaking of Urology Podcast

Samuel J. Peretsman, MD, explains how to get started with HIFU for prostate cancer.

Besides the expansion of telemedicine, how has COVID-19 affected your practice?

September 17, 2020

"We’re taking it in stride. We don’t overbook to the point where we’re overwhelmed, and we’re not exhausting ourselves," says one urologist.

Genomic profiling of urothelial cancers finds many with actionable alterations

September 17, 2020

Of 2463 patients with urothelial cancer who underwent comprehensive genomic profiling, 39% harbored ≥1 tier 1-2 genomic alterations.

Preoperative bladder symptom score best predictor of transvaginal mesh surgery success

September 16, 2020

“Although IPSS may not be familiar to gynecologists and urogynecologists, this minimally invasive self-reported questionnaire is useful in counseling preoperative pelvic organ prolapse patients with OAB symptoms," researchers write.

Three-week test phase improves odds of success for sacral neuromodulation

September 16, 2020

“The present study clearly shows that test duration and reprogramming during the test phase increases the number of patients that benefit in the long term from sacral neuromodulation,” researchers wrote.

FDA grants fast track designation for oral mCRPC agent

September 16, 2020

The FDA has granted fast track designation to EPI-7386, an oral, highly selective N-terminal domain inhibitor of the androgen receptor for treatment of mCRPC resistant to standard-of-care treatment.

Effect of an online opioid training course on prescription patterns for urologic surgeries

September 16, 2020

Meena Davuluri, MD, MPH, and Kara L. Watts, MD, discuss findings from a study published in Urology Practice.