Genitourinary Cancers

Urologist's Perspective: COVID-19 provides tough decisions—and valuable lessons

August 21, 2020

Urologists and patients show resilience, but we must be better prepared in the future, says urologist R. Jonathan Henderson, MD.

GU oncologist's perspective: pandemic poses unique challenges in vulnerable patients

August 19, 2020

Patients with cancer are particularly susceptible to negative consequences of COVID-19.

Quiz: Testicular trauma in 21-year-old

August 11, 2020

A 21-year-old male presented to the emergency department for evaluation of testicular pain and swelling 5 days after being struck in the groin.

Study shows potential to overcome impact of sociodemographic factors on testicular cancer outcomes

August 10, 2020

A standardized, multidisciplinary approach led to similar outcomes based on disease characteristics, not sociodemographic factors.

Atezolizumab shows similar efficacy in upper tract urothelial carcinoma and standard bladder cancer

June 19, 2020

Median overall survival is the same for both malignancies, study results show.

Prostate Ca assay appears similarly predictive of adverse pathology in African American, Caucasian patients

June 15, 2020

In this video, Eric Klein, MD, discusses a study evaluating the 17-gene Oncotype DX Genomic Prostate Score assay in African American and Caucasian American men.

Research confirms prognostic performance of genomic classifier

June 10, 2020

The classifier can be a useful adjunct for clinical decision-making, an investigator says.

Is a reduced bacillus Calmette-Guérin regimen feasible?

June 02, 2020

"In the era of BCG shortage, it would have been highly desirable to demonstrate the efficacy and safety of fewer BCG instillations for high-risk bladder cancer. However, reduced frequency of maintenance BCG instillations is associated with increased risk of cancer recurrence, albeit with fewer adverse effects," writes Badar M. Mian, MD.

Robotics in GU oncology: Current status, future directions

May 22, 2020

The breadth of applications will widen as the number of new platforms grows, according Joshua Calvert, MD, MPH.

Operationalizing immunotherapy in urologic practice

May 22, 2020

A team-based approach is key to safely and appropriately dispensing checkpoint inhibitors, according to Gautam Jayram, MD.