Are you marketing effectively to male patients?


Marketing to men can be particularly challenging for a medical practice, since the traits that men often aspire to embody-independence, virility, strength, control-can be the very things that keep them from seeing a doctor.

As a urologist, cracking the "man code" is essential to successfully marketing your practice. This means finding clever ways to reach men, then speaking to them with the right messages once you do. Here are some tips.

Start with existing patients

The patient who first saw you for infertility testing could be a future candidate for prostate cancer screening, a vasectomy, or treatment for erectile dysfunction. Stay in touch with patients with occasional e-mail tips on urologic health, and share information about other screenings and procedures that may be relevant to patients based on their age.

Even more than women, men typically appreciate the option the Internet offers to research sensitive matters and important decisions privately. A well-designed, informative Web site is the key to attracting men who are actively researching urologic procedures, conditions, or treatments. Your site should be well stocked with factual, empowering information that is written for lay people.

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Anne M. Suskind, MD, MS, FACS, FPMRS, answers a question during a Zoom video interview
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Anne M. Suskind, MD, MS, FACS, FPMRS, answers a question during a Zoom video interview
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