Controversies in T1 bladder Ca: Early cystectomy vs. TUR

The management of patients with T1 grade III bladder cancer remains controversial,and experts disagree on the timing of radical cystectomy. In this UrologyTimes point/counterpoint discussion, James Montie, MD, and Michael Droller,MD, debate the merits of early cystectomy versus transurethral resection(TUR) and associated therapy. Dr. Montie is professor of urologic oncologyand chairman, department of urology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.Dr. Droller is professor and chairman of the department of urology, MountSinai Medical Center, New York. UT Editorial Consultant Robert C. Flanigan,MD, professor and chairman, department of urology, Loyola University MedicalCenter, Maywood, IL, served as moderator of the discussion.