Dr. Sadeghi discusses investigational portable urodynamics technology


"Glean technology is a very brilliant technology that has been developed for basically portable urodynamics," says Zhina Sadeghi, MD.

In this video, Zhina Sadeghi, MD, discusses her research in urodynamics technology. Sadeghi is a UCI Health urologist and assistant professor of urology at UCI School of Medicine.


Please describe your work with urodynamics technology.

Urodynamics technology is a specific technology that helps understand bladder capacity, compliance, how patients would tolerate the fluid or urine in their bladder, when do they leak, if they leak out any urine? If they have incontinence, what type of incontinence do they have? So as you see, there is a lot of information that we learn from this technology. The current modalities that we do have [require] the patient to be in a room and connected to multiple tubes and to the computer, and it may not be very efficient and very comfortable for the patients. They may have totally different patterns in regular life when they are at home or at work. Glean technology is a very brilliant technology that has been developed for basically portable urodynamics. It can be inserted as a small plastic device into the bladder of patients and they [can] be at home or at work or do their regular routine. This portable device collects information, and the patient can come back and we can remove the Glean from the bladder and collect data and then [discuss with] the patient, what is the diagnosis and what do we think is the plan? We are a part of this trial at UCI right now; we are currently collecting a lot of data from our conventional urodynamics to be able to program this device. We're very excited about it, and we are hoping that we are going to pass through the phases and get it to patients as soon as possible.

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