Dr. Sokolova on the significance of genetic testing in prostate cancer


Alexandra Sokolova, MD, explains the importance of genetic testing for patients with high-risk localized and advanced prostate cancer, as well as for their high-risk family members.

In this video, Alexandra Sokolova, MD, assistant professor of medicine, Division of Hematology/Medical Oncology, School of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University, discusses the importance of genetic testing in patients with prostate cancer and those at high risk of developing prostate cancer.


Genetic testing is significant for men with prostate cancer. Germline testing is now recommended for all men with high-risk localized prostate cancer and all men with metastatic prostate cancer, along with men who meet family history criteria, who should also be considered. I think it's really important to test those men early and identify them early so we can provide them with the best care. It's also important to tell their family members so we can identify those family members who carry the same germline mutation in order to detect cancer early and do some cancer prevention strategy for both men and women. And as we think about moving forward to the prostate cancer genetics field, I think it's important to really identify those men with germline mutations who are at high risk of developing prostate cancer before they have prostate cancer. So through cascade testing, for example, we can determine who is at a higher risk of having a prostate cancer, so we can identify those cancers early and treat them very aggressively with a goal of cure.

Transcript has been edited for clarity.

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