Expert offers advice on starting a sexual wellness/aesthetics practice


"You have to have a passion for it. If you have a passion for it, it's easy to do," says Shaya Taghechian, MD.

In this interview, Shaya Taghechian, MD, offers advice for health care professionals interested in starting/expanding a sexual wellness/aesthetics practice. Taghechian is a urologist with Georgia Urology.


What advice do you have for other health care professionals looking to start/expand a sexual wellness and aesthetics practice?

I would say this is unlike normal aesthetic practice. This is not Botox and fillers and things like that. It's very specific to vulva/vagina. If you're interested, first of all, that's fantastic. We need more ambassadors here. But you need to take the time out to find those people who can teach you and train you. And don't just jump into it without knowing what the heck you're doing. Because, again, we're here to serve patients and not to make things worse for them. We want to make things better for them. There are different meetings around the world within the United States. There are cosmetic gynecologists who are available and ready and willing to teach around the US, around the world. It's a very welcoming community, and they want more people to be doing this for patients out there. The number 1 thing is, go get educated. Because there's no formal education. Go and do it, and then bring that to your patients, and just be excited about it. You have to have a passion for it. If you have a passion for it, it's easy to do. You want to go into this for the right reasons, and those reasons are to make your patients’ lives better. This is not something you want to pursue for monetary reasons. That shouldn't be in medicine, period. Do it for the right reasons, and you will be successful.

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