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MOC, ICD-10 among hot urology topics of 2015


Look back on the year that was with this roundup of the 10 most-read Urology Times articles from 2015.

Urologists remain beset with legislative, regulatory, and policy concerns. Topics such as maintenance of certification, ICD-10, and the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) were clearly on urologists’ minds in 2015, as this “year in review” roundup attests. Here are some of the most-read Urology Times articles of 2015.


Urologist to ABU: ‘I relinquish my certificate’ over MOC (Letter)

Stephen G. Weiss, II, MD, is far from the only urologist to take issue with maintenance of certification requirements, but he stands out from his peers with this pointed letter to the American Board of Urology, in which he blasts MOC as a “meaningless charade.”

For another take on MOC, read this blog post from Henry Rosevear, MD.


Say farewell to fee for service

This feature article discusses why urologists need to move away from fee for service and embrace the concept of value-based compensation in medicine. “Don’t cry over this loss. It’s not a loss; it’s an opportunity,” said LUGPA President Gary M. Kirsh, MD.

For more on value-based care, see: Achieving ‘value’ will be make-or-break proposition

Next: ABU certification, recertification by the numbers


ABU certification, recertification by the numbers - slideshow

This slideshow, comprised of data from the 2014 Urology Times State of the Specialty survey, reveals concerning trends regarding the future of the urology work force.


Nephrectomy gone wrong leaves patient paraplegic

“Malpractice Consult” continues to be one of our best-read content offerings. Currently appearing every other month, we’re pleased to announce that beginning in 2016, we will include malpractice content on a monthly basis.

Access our “Malpractice Consult” archive by clicking here.


ACA, MACRA: What they mean for you patients

In this wide-ranging interview, AUA Public Policy and Practice Support Council Chair David F. Penson, MD, MPH, discusses the ACA’s impact on urology, the pros and cons of a single-payer system, and why collecting and reporting outcomes data will be crucial going forward.

For Ray Painter, MD, and Mark Painter’s take on MACRA, click here.

Next: Dr. Kapoor explains support of self-referral exception


Dr. Kapoor explains support of self-referral exception

A Jan. 12 JAMA Viewpoint supported the repeal of the in-office ancillary services exception to the Stark law. In a JAMAletter to the editor, LUGPA Chairman of Health Policy Deepak Kapoor, MD, pointed out what urologists might find to be glaring omissions in the Viewpoint. In a telephone interview, Urology Times asked Dr. Kapoor to comment on his rebuttal.


Best of AUA 2015: PCa surveillance, surgical controversies create buzz

Urology Times’ “Best of AUA 2015” report provides a guide to the meeting’s take-home messages in 15 therapeutic areas-an information-packed, condensed summary of the top papers and presentations. Therapeutic areas covered include prostate cancer, stone disease/endourology, sexual function/dysfunction, and more.

For Dr. Rosevear’s reflections on the meeting, click here.

For a roundup of prominent Twitter participants from the meeting, click here.

Next: Is billing for stone prevention counseling possible?


Is billing for stone prevention counseling possible?

Reimbursement is a perennial concern for urologists, so it’s no surprise that this installment of “Coding Q&A” from Ray Painter, MD, and Mark Painter made the list.

To read more from the Painters, click here.


Private practice vs. employment: 12 lessons learned

The pressure is on for many U.S. urologists to take a hard look at whether to practice privately or as part of a hospital system. In this article, two urologists weigh in about the lessons they learned in transitioning from one practice type to another.

For Dr. Rosevear’s blog post on this topic, click here.


ICD-10: Different codes but identical guidelines

October 2015 saw the launch of ICD-10 across U.S. practices, making this column from the Painters particularly relevant.


Other ICD-10 coverage:

What’s been your experience with ICD-10 so far?

Three urologists discuss their early experiences with ICD-10.


How ICD-10 is changing how you do Dx coding

In this recent installment of “Coding Q&A,” the Painters tackle ICD-10.

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