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Flexible metallic stent increases drainage, comfort

One lithotripsy unit offers two stone technologies

Guide helps practices with physician recruiting

Independence, MO-The Merritt, Hawkins & Associates Guide to Physician Recruiting, written by leading recruiting experts, directs practices and institutions in identifying, recruiting, and hiring the best possible physician match. Published by Practice Support Resources, the book discusses the physician shortage; what doctors want and where they want to settle; developing a recruitment strategy and team; determining pay, benefits, and resources; legal considerations; persuading candidates to join the organization; and more.
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System ensures that no surgical sponge is left behind

Pittsburgh-The SmartSponge System from ClearCount Medical Solutions is designed to detect and count sponges and towels during surgical procedures. In the system, which recently received FDA approval, miniscule radiofrequency identification (RFID) tags are affixed to surgical sponges and towels. The OR team uses an RFID reader to simultaneously count and differentiate among types of sponges and towels during the procedure, even those beyond the line of vision. It also minimizes handling contaminated sponges, according to the manufacturer.
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Company named distributor of bulking agent for SUI

Minneapolis-Coloplast Corp. is now the exclusive U.S. distributor for Durasphere EXP bulking agent and the new needle delivery system, under an agreement with Carbon Medical Technologies, Inc. The bulking agent, composed of pyrolytic carbon-coated beads suspended in a water-based carrier gel, is indicated for the treatment of adult women with stress urinary incontinence due to intrinsic sphincter deficiency. Injected around the urethra, the agent augments soft tissue at the bladder neck, restoring normal urinary control.
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