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Book examines impact of urologic diseases in U.S.

Book examines impact of urologic diseases in U.S.

Los Angeles-"Urologic Diseases in America" is a newly released compendium providing a comprehensive portrait of the burden of illness and resource utilization associated with urologic disease. A project of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and the UCLA School of Medicine, it covers epidemiology, economic impact, health care burden, impact on minority populations, and availability of therapies.

The interim compendium includes chapters on urolithiasis, BPH, urinary incontinence, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Magnifying lights suited for medical inspection Natick, MA-Sunnex offers the flexible Ring Light Magnifier (RLM) Series of magnifying lights, designed for medical applications. The light can be attached to a laboratory workbench or examination table.

The RLM provides 22 watts of light in compact fluorescent tubes and offers 3X magnification. It is designed with a 9-inch shade and a 5-inch diameter. The series is available in direct, c-clamp, and mobile versions and offers a quick adjust lever at the base for easy positioning, according to the company.

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Referral management software simplifies communication New York-OmniMD Referral Management software is designed to streamline the patient referral processes by organizing both ingoing and outgoing referrals. It enables a physician to share patient records with referral physicians electronically in a secure environment, according to the developer, OmniMD.

The system features efficient communication that enables a physician to share patient history, reports, or documents with other physicians. Patient data can be exchanged with a physician within the same clinic as well as with an external member. The referral physician list is easily accessible online and captures the specialty, reason for referral, and insurance plan in a systematic manner.

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Society offers brochures on prostate Ca, radiotherapy Fairfax, VA-The American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology has published two new patient information brochures about radiation therapy for prostate cancer and the radiation treatment team.

"Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer: Non-Surgical Options" (shown) can be used by patients and physicians as a resource when contemplating external beam radiation therapy or seed implants. The brochure also helps patients find support groups and information on clinical trials.

"The Radiation Oncology Treatment Team: Your Partners in Cancer Treatment" is designed to help patients understand radiation therapy. The booklet also explains the roles and responsibilities of each member of the radiation treatment team.

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Electronic charting solution suited for small-sized practices San Antonio-Conceptual MindWorks has launched Sevocity 3.0 to increase the level of functionality for an Internet-based electronic clinical charting solution for small- to medium-sized practices.

Electronic charts offer a number of advantages, including documentation that assists with more accurate coding and reimbursement. Sevocity's cross-platform functionality facilitates using a PC or electronic tablet, the company says. It enables physicians to complete their documentation at the point of care and assists with HIPAA compliance. The application service provider model allows physicians to access patient records from anywhere at any time.

Sevocity 3.0 also features health guidelines, flowsheets, an image viewer, and a last-physician-exam entry for a selected organ system.