New suite of genetic tests launched for prostate cancer

The past several years have been hailed as the “dawn of the precision medicine era” in prostate cancer.

The past several years have been hailed as the “dawn of the precision medicine era” in prostate cancer.

Myriad Genetics has launched a package of genetic tests known as UroSuite to facilitate the implementation of precision medicine across the entire spectrum of prostate cancer care.1

The UroSuite platform includes Myriad’s Prolaris Prostate Cancer Test, MyRisk Hereditary Cancer Test, BRACAnalysis CDx, Precise Tumor Molecular Profile Test.

“There are educational and utilization gaps in the adoption of genetic testing in prostate cancer. Clinicians now have access to tools that can assist them with turnaround times and report interpretation, thereby aligning with national guidelines on genetic testing,” Neal Shore, MD, FACS, medical director for the Carolina Urologic Research Center and chief medical officer, Surgical Oncology/Urology, GenesisCare, US, stated in a news release.

"The UroSuite portfolio provides genetic insights based on gene expression biomarkers, comprehensive germline testing, and tumor profiling, facilitating more streamlined reporting, and thus enhancing the potential for personalized patient treatment,” added Shore.

The past several years have been hailed as the “dawn of the precision medicine era” in prostate cancer, given the pivotal 2020 FDA approvals of the PARP inhibitors olaparib (Lynparza) and rucaparib (Rubraca) for the treatment of patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer whose tumors harbor specific genetic alterations.

In a recent video interview with Urology Times, Shore discussed how the emergence of these biomarker-based therapies, along with familial and clinical trial implications, have made genetic testing a critical component of prostate cancer care.

According to Myriad, the UroSuite package provides urologists with access to an online portal with the results of the tests; access to Myriad’s health data registry the combines germline, somatic and HRD genetic data; and the opportunity to connect with genetic counselors and clinical experts.

“Today’s launch of UroSuite reinforces Myriad Genetics’ commitment to advancing health and well-being for all through a set of testing solutions for prostate cancer care, best-in-class support, and access to genetics and cancer specialists,” Paul J. Diaz, president and CEO, Myriad Genetics, stated in the news release.

“We continue to build on our efforts to elevate our products to their full potential and introduce new innovative solutions and analytics to help patients and healthcare providers with personalized genetic insights and data-driven medical information,” Diaz added.


1. Myriad Genetics Announces UroSuite™, an Industry-First Suite of Genetic Tests for Prostate Cancer, Giving Urologists Access to Timely, Data-driven Medical Information Published online. November 10, 2022. Accessed November 10, 2022.

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