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New Urology Products & Services


New urology products and services.

Surgical cushions provide support, upper-body access

Encino, CA-The Singer Starr Stacker was developed by urologists to provide safe support and continuous access to the arms, head, neck, and torso of patients during laparoscopic and open surgeries that require a lateral or semi-lateral position. It also offers free access to monitoring devices and vascular access lines. The stackable cushions and arm board can be set up quickly on either side of the table, and the cushions can be positioned to accommodate patients of any size and allow access by the anesthesiologist. Microfiber coating protects against electrical conductivity and the wipe-clean cushions resist stains and withstand frequent use. Skytron is the product's U.S. distributor.
For more information, visit www.skytron.us.

Urology-specific EMR includes 150 templates

Livingston, NJ-meridianEMR, Inc. has released its urology-specific electronic medical records program version 3.7, which now includes Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI) documentation and CPT code generation for Medicare with just a few additional clicks. The new release, certified by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology, offers more than 30 new urology templates, including transurethral bladder resection, testis biopsy, cystogram, and extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy with stent, bringing the urology visit and procedure library to 150 templates. Users may be eligible for the financial incentives under Medicare's PQRI program, according to the manufacturer.
For more information, visit www.meridianEMR.com.

Catheter is made for men with reduced hand dexterity

Minneapolis-Coloplast's Conveen Optima male external catheter is an over-the-counter solution for men with urinary incontinence. Both the catheter and easy-to-open, recyclable package are designed for use by gloved caregivers and those with reduced manual dexterity. The medical-grade silicone external catheter breathes and stretches for a comfortable fit, and it has a double-strip grip for an accurate, secure rollout. Its anti-leak system ensures maximum security with kink resistance, a balanced, non-irritating adhesive, and a secure leg bag connection. The slim package is designed to save storage space.
For more information, visit www.us.coloplast.com.

CT imaging atlas supports diagnostic decision making

Philadelphia-CT Urography: An Atlas, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, is a pictorial reference book containing more than 500 detail-revealing scans and concise diagnostic guidance from case files of Brigham and Women?s Hospital, Boston. Edited by leading radiologists, topics include CT urography techniques, normal anatomy and variants, urolithiasis, renal infections, renal masses, intrarenal collecting system, ureters, CT urography of the bladder, and CT urography pitfalls and artifacts.
For more information, visit www.LWW.com/feature.

Cookbook is a recipe for beating prostate cancer

New York-Food editor and prostate cancer survivor David Ricketts has written the Eat to Beat Prostate Cancer Cookbook: Everyday food for men battling prostate cancer and for their families and friends. The paperback contains more than 200 easy-to-fix recipes that are low in calories and saturated fats, high in fiber, and rich in antioxidants, ranging from comfort foods and snacks to party food and desserts. According to the publisher, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, the book is designed for men who want to lower their risk of prostate cancer and men with the disease to incorporate healthy eating habits into their treatment strategy.
For more information, visit www.prostatecancercookbook.com.

Transdermal estrogen spray eases menopause symptoms

Mountain View, CA-A metered dose transdermal estradiol spray (Evamist) from VIVUS, Inc., has received FDA approval for treatment of moderate to severe vasomotor symptoms accompanying menopause. The initial 90-mcL dose (containing 1.53 mg of estradiol) is a single spray on the forearm once daily, which can be increased to two or three doses daily based on clinical response. Women who may be pregnant or breastfeeding, who have experienced abnormal vaginal bleeding, a history of cancer, stroke, embolisms, liver problems or heart attack, or who are scheduled for surgery or bed rest should not use this product.
For more information, visit www.vivus.com.

Antimicrobial room fogger sanitizes in 15 minutes

Dedham, MA-AliMed, Inc.'s SaniGuard antimicrobial EPA-registered fogger has an effective kill rate of 99.9% on contact against viruses, bacteria, and fungi common in health care environments. Its delayed-release function and active, odorless, dry-on-contact antimicrobial agent can sanitize a room in 15 minutes without need for rinsing. No special storage, handling equipment, or protective clothing is required. The 3-ounce and 8-ounce cans, sold in case lots of 12, have a 24-month shelf life.
For more information, visit www.AliMed.com.

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