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FDA clears test to monitor kidney transplant patients

Waltham, MA-The FDA recently announced the clearance of the QMS Everolimus Immunoassay, a test that helps to manage potential organ rejection in kidney transplant patients. The test monitors the blood level of everolimus (Zortress), a drug that helps prevent rejection in kidney transplants. Thermo Fisher, the manufacturer of QMS Everolimus, demonstrated the performance of the test by comparing results from the new test with the results from reference tests used in the clinical trial of everolimus. When the clinical trial blood samples were tested with QMS Everolimus, the results, on average, were similar to those of the clinical trial reference test.

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Book offers guidance on successful EHR adoption

Alpharetta, GA-The Complete Guide and Toolkit to Successful EHR Adoption, published by Coker Group, walks the reader through the process of adopting an electronic health record system. The book provides necessary information for adopting a system that will connect a practice to its customers technologically and will address future challenges in the field. Sections address how to select the right vendor, how to hold the vendor accountable, how to know critical success factors to implement and optimize your EHR, how to use assessment tools for making important decisions, and how to address complicated federal standards and policies to gain financial incentives.

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Medical products site updated with new sections, videos

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