Pre-treatment antibiotic dip may deter post-penile implant infection

Results of a study comparing the in vitro antibacterial activity of antibiotic-dipped and non-antibiotic-dipped components of inflatable penile implants show differences favoring Titan implants dipped into antibiotic solutions of rifampin-gentamicin or bacitracin-gentamicin compared with the antibiotic (rifampin-minocycline)-coated technology of Inhibizone.

However, it remains to be determined whether these in vitro differences are clinically significant, said lead author Chirpriya B. Dhabuwala, MD, who conducted the study while a professor of urology at Wayne State.

Research from Dr. Dhabuwala's laboratory was the basis for the commercial introduction of antibiotic-coated penile implants. In 1998, Dr. Dhabuwala and colleagues reported results from studies they conducted in a rat model that showed coating silicone strips with rifampin and minocycline significantly reduced infections caused by Staphylococcus epidermidis.