PSMA PET/CT impact on upstaging and reducing equivocal findings in prostate cancer

Declan G. Murphy, MB BCh, discusses how PSMA PET/CT imaging often leads to the upstaging of a patient’s prostate tumor, as well as how the novel technique lowers the rate of equivocal findings.

Declan G. Murphy, MB BCh, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Victoria, Australia, discusses the impact of PSMA PET/CT in regard to the upstaging of prostate cancer and lowering the rate of equivocal findings.

Murphy was the senior author of the phase 3 proPSMA study, which examined Ga 68 PSMA-1 in patients with high-risk prostate cancer before curative-intent surgery. The study demonstrated that Ga 68 PSMA-1 had better accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity than convention imaging.

In the video, which was shot during the 2020 SUO Annual Meeting, Murphy describes how the accuracy of PSMA PET/CT reduced the rate of equivocal findings in the proPSMA study. The rates were 6%-7% in the PSMA PET/CT arm compared with 23% in patients who received standard CT/bone scans.