Ten leadership tips to drive practice performance

Strong leaders continually learn and challenge their own knowledge base. They listen, participate, and make change happen for the greater good.

Above all, listen to your staff. You will gain a better perspective, understand their concerns, and hear their ideas. When possible, use those ideas to help build a stronger team and improve efficiency.

If you regularly push your staff into overtime, you need to regroup and determine your staff needs in a way that eliminates routine overtime. Occasions will arise when staff overtime is needed, but keep them to a minimum and always thank each person for his or her generosity and support.

Urology practices must make this investment to compete effectively and improve efficiency. This means paying attention to the business needs as well as the clinical needs of the practice.

Before you introduce change, bring your ideas to the group and ask for their feedback. You need to know how they will be affected by a change before a decision is made. It's equally important to provide solid reasons to support the need for a change in strategy or action.

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