Urologic group partnership to offer access to in-house PCR lab testing


The collaboration between Streamline Scientific and UroGPO will help deliver PCR technology to UroGPO members.

Streamline Scientific recently announced a new partnership with the group purchasing organization UroGPO.1 The collaboration will offer UroGPO members access to physician labs and consulting services for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technologies.

"This partnership is a seamless extension of our mission at Streamline Scientific. We look forward to supporting UroGPO's community-based, private urology practices to establish and support physician office labs, helping these practices remain independent while benefiting from leading PCR technologies that have the ability to enhance patient care,” said Ted Kramm, CEO of Streamline Scientific, in a news release.

The goals of the partnership are to improve clinical insights, enhance the patient experience, and optimize reimbursement for privately-owned urology practices.

To date, Streamline Scientific has set up more than 200 labs in 43 states in addition to having their own CLIA-certified reference lab in Alabama that is able to deliver molecular and toxicology testing results in under 24 hours. As they implement these labs, the group provides end-to-end consulting services for physician practices.

“The World Health Organization has identified antibiotic resistance as one of the biggest threats to global health. This is especially important in urology during the treatment of UTIs—a common infection among pregnant women that can lead to serious risks if undiagnosed or mistreated. The proven efficiency and reliability of PCR testing can help urologists to pinpoint the appropriate course of antibiotic treatment more quickly than with other methods,” Streamline Scientific said in the news release.


1. Streamline Scientific and UroGPO form partnership to offer physician office lab implementation and consulting services of PCR technologies for UroGPO members. News release. Streamline Scientific. November 16, 2022. Accessed November 28, 2022. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/streamline-scientific-and-urogpo-form-partnership-to-offer-physician-office-lab-implementation-and-consulting-services-of-pcr-technologies-for-urogpo-members-301679918.html

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