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Every ethnic group is represented in Washington, from Vietnamese to Soul, Peruvian to Belgian in all parts of the city. There are far too many restaurants to mention each one, but the following offer a sample of what is available in a few of the sections near downtown and Capitol Hill and recommended by the visitor's bureau. Note that all phone numbers use the 202 area code.

Adams Morgan, Columbia Heights

This neighborhood is very diverse in nature, with immigrants from all over the world. The eclectic collection of restaurants reflects that with affordable cuisine that includes Vietnamese, Ethiopian, Salvadorean, Peruvian, and Thai.

Dining suggestions: Julia's Empanadas ( http://www.julias-empanadas.com/, 328-6232) is recommended for a scrumptious meat, vegetable, or cheese-filled pastry as is Amsterdam Falafel Shop ( http://www.falafelshop.com/, 234-1969) for light fare. Cuban food is available at Habana Village ( http://www.habanavillage.com/, 462-6310) along with free salsa lessons. Visit Perrys ( http://www.perrysadamsmorgan.com/, 234-6218) for delicious sushi at the rooftop bar.

Something for every pocketbook is available in this section of town.

Dining suggestions: The Monocle ( http://www.themonocle.com/, 546-4488), an eating place with a casual elegant dining style, offers John F. Kennedy's favorite roast beef sandwich. Also enjoy sirloin at Charlie Palmer Steak ( http://www.charliepalmer.com/Properties/CPSteak/DC/, 547-8100), which was rated as one of the 100 best restaurants in 2008; and Guinness with your senator's staff at The Dubliner Irish Pub ( http://www.dublinerdc.com/, 737-3773). The Eastern Market ( http://www.easternmarket-dc.org/, 698-5253) at 7th Street and North Carolina Ave. SE, a flea market and farmers market, is a popular place near the Capitol.

Downtown-Lafayette Square/The White House

The area of town is known for its classic and formal restaurants, but some casual dining is also available.

Dining suggestions: The Hay-Adams Hotel ( http://www.hayadams.com/, 638-6600), which describes itself as a destination for power dining, offers breakfast in an upscale setting. The Bombay Club ( http://www.bombayclubdc.com/, 659-3727) provides an elegant dining experience and superb Indian cuisine. Diners can have a "green experience" at the eco-friendly Equinox ( http://www.equinoxrestaurant.com/, 331-8118), which supports local agriculture. The Old Ebbitt Grill ( http://www.ebbitt.com/, 347-4800) is a historic oyster house that is very near the White House. Lighter fare can be enjoyed at Breadline ( http://www.breadline.com/, 822-8900).

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