What is GAINSWave?


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What is GAINSWave®?

A short answer might be GAINSWave is an entity created to advocate for the efficacy of shockwave therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. A slightly longer answer is GAINSWave is a marketing company that was designed and built to be a platform to educate consumers about shockwave therapy and assist doctors who would like to provide a new solution to their patients. Although not a perfect solution for ED by any means, we know for some men  GAINSWave therapy offers a safe, noninvasive option to surgery or medication.

As part of our advocacy, we’ve worked with doctors and medical professionals to develop an effective protocol based upon an existing technology that had previously been overlooked. This worked in concert with our marketing efforts, which initially sought to raise awareness about this valuable alternative.

In time, our choice to invest in advocacy has been fruitful. Because our focus is to ultimately achieve a positive outcome for both the patient and the provider, interest and adoption by physicians and patients has grown year-over-year since our launch. Consumer demand has since established GAINSWave as the industry leader for shockwave therapy for ED.

A Turnkey Solution

For physicians, GAINSWave provides a turnkey, direct-pay brand that has been successful in helping our network of providers easily add an additional revenue stream to their practices. A particularly powerful tool for edifying a solo practitioner’s or small practice’s independence, GAINSWave’s business-in-a-box deployment can augment existing services for virtually any medical practice.

For those affected by Google’s recent policy changes for medical marketing, GAINSWave offers a secure, in-demand solution complete with a host of products and services carefully designed and crafted to help our providers succeed. Everything from pricing strategy to marketing materials to videos and even commercials are provided. Most of which is updated monthly.

Additionally, we provide several valuable resources focused on helping physicians build a marketing base that can be deployed to other parts of their practice. Our online university contains instructional content covering topics such as email marketing, SEO, PPC, social media and more. Providers also gain access to a library of sales scripts, email templates and other supplemental marketing material for their practices.

Within the provider portal, members also have access to a variety of sales and marketing collateral including sales tools, patient presentations, print shop and more. GAINSWave also hosts weekly webinars and podcasts with industry leaders who provide valuable guidance, instruction and support in the form of in-depth Q&A’s.  

Our comprehensive onboarding procedure includes one-on-one sessions, where our team walks new providers through the support and training they will need to grow successfully with GAINSWave. These sessions cover everything from how to set up an individual directory listing to where to go to get medical questions answered. Our self-paced training session is great for helping a provider get started with GAINSWave, but since we also understand it takes more than a good first step, we’ve made regular support one of our primary operational goals.

As the industry leader in shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, we believe that Our brand only grows and becomes stronger when Your brand grows and becomes stronger. We support and encourage our providers to develop and strengthen their brand by using the valuable tools we provide within our portal to raise the profile of other aspects of their practice. This, in addition to our national marketing efforts, make it possible for providers to grow their profiles on local, regional and even national stages to help educate the public about treating erectile dysfunction with GAINSWave.

Having the resources and support of an entire marketing company gives each GAINSWave provider the ability to quickly and easily leverage powerful marketing and proven sales techniques to improve their practice's annual hybrid revenue.


If a member of our network needs patient materials such as brochures and posters or is interested in media opportunities including television, podcasting and radio, our team is continuously working with each provider to help them realize their goals. Sometimes that takes the form of additional one-on-one sessions, but for those who just want a jump on the competition, we offer a 2-day, skill-intensive workshop that has been carefully designed to help any doctor grow their practice.

GAINSWave has given me an alternative treatment in my toolbox for patients. It's non-invasive and has no side effects and if provided to the right patient I can restore their ED without medications. So far, I've been able to help over 300 men by using GAINSWave.
- Dr. Bruce Sloane of Philadelphia Urology Associates

These workshops are led by the key opinion leaders in marketing, sales and business operations and provide proven, straightforward strategies and techniques for stimulating practice growth and for eliminating inefficiencies that may not be contributing to their goals. By opening your practice to both insurance and direct pay, you can quickly begin to develop a dynamic, hybrid practice with steady growth thanks to the strength of the GAINSWave name.


For many of our providers, being able to quickly deploy a turn-key solution is a valuable benefit. Starting from day-one, our providers benefit from an established and popular brand name, an effective national pricing strategy, as well as marketing collateral and support. GAINSWave members can instantly improve their search results by adding a service to their portfolio that generates 11 times more queries than the generic term “shockwave therapy.”

I’ve been offering GAINSWave in my practice for over a year now. Our experience has been amazing! It’s a treatment that works incredibly well and is very well received by our patients. The patients have sought us out, primarily due to the marketing efforts and through the support of GW themselves. It’s truly been a boon to our patients as well as our practice.
- Urologist, Dr. Lamia Gabal, Prestige Medical Group

It is also because of these efforts that consumer interest in shockwave therapy across the board has risen steadily over the past few years. As interest in shockwave and GAINSWave therapy has grown, so too has some misinformation and confusion about how GAINSWave works for treating ED and improving male sexual health. That is why we have partnered with Board-Certified Urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis to launch the world’s largest IRB study to document and further refine shockwave therapy for treating ED.

SWEET Study and Continuing Education

As advocates for GAINSWave in the treatment of ED, we are committed to advancing the clinical science and protocol development for Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy.Under the leadership of Dr. Brandeis, 40 GAINSWave providers around North America are participating in the SWEET (Shock Wave Erectile Enhancement Trial) Study. 

Men are surveyed prior to treatment, upon completion of treatment, and then every three months. With Dr. Brandeis's leadership, GAINSWave hopes to help the Urology and Sexual Medicine community refine the protocols used to guide treatment with LI-ESWT and to determine the long-term maintenance plan.

Our commitment to education is also of prime importance to us. Dr. Brandeis hosts a bi-monthly journal review workshop where providers connect regularly to discuss trends, review articles and talk about advances in the field of male sexual health and wellbeing. During these sessions, members cover a host of topics, but recent topics have included Peyronie's Disease, Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cells, Vacuum Devices and the Biochemistry of erectile function to name but a few. Participation and membership in this group is exclusive and limited to GAINSWave providers.


Another benefit GAINSWave providers enjoy is a robust and active community through which they can share ideas and ask questions away from the eyes of patients. Within these communities, our providers are able to connect directly with one another and discuss the issues affecting their practices in real time. Providers also use this community to share feedback and insight to help educate more patients about erectile dysfunction, the impacts it can have on their lives and how it can be treated with the help of dedicated specialists.

Our Invitation to You

This year alone, more than 30 million men will seek treatment for erectile dysfunction in the US, many of them seeking a safe, nonsurgical solution with positive, long-lasting results. While we know GAINSWave may not be the perfect fit for all men, we do know for some, it provides a noninvasive option for treating ED long-term without having to rearrange schedules or plan for recovery.

So, what is GAINSWave? GAINSWave is the key to unlocking the outcomes your patients desire while delivering the revenue you deserve. If you would like to add a therapy to your practice that will improve the lives of those you treat, or if you want to improve how you connect with your leads and patients, or if you simply want to drive repeat patronage, then I invite you to give us a call at (855) 383-5779 or visit gainswave.com today.

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