Alison Palkhivala


Newer PNL methods improve safety, reduce morbidity

January 01, 2004

Montreal--Novel approaches to percutaneous nephrolithotomy, includinguse of a stent instead of a tube and using smaller tubes and stone "cones,"are helping to optimize this procedure. Researchers agree that improvingsafety and reducing morbidity are the goals of these new techniques.

KTP laser shows high efficacy in men with retention

January 01, 2004

Montreal--Using a high-powered potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) laser to vaporize prostate tissue is proving to be safe and effective as a treatment for urinary retention in men.

HIFU continues to show promise in early PCa

January 01, 2004

Montreal-High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) continues to show promise for the local treatment of prostate cancer. When initiated early in the disease, the minimally invasive procedure offers good efficacy results with little morbidity, according to several European studies presented at the World Congress on Endourology here.