Author | Ally Lopshire


Tax law may threaten Medicare, provider pay

January 12, 2018

"Perhaps the biggest Medicare reform concern for urologists is the potential for provider reimbursements cuts, a threat that has continued to loom over the health care community for some time," writes the AACU's Ally Lopshire.

Drug importation: Shortsighted and ineffective

June 05, 2017

While drug importation may sound like a good option to reduce drug costs, the potential can of worms it could create isn’t worth it, the AACU’s Ally Lopshire writes.

JAC 2017: IPAB repeal, liability reform see renewed focus

April 04, 2017

Two topics of particular relevance at the 2017 Joint Advocacy Conference were IPAB repeal and medical liability reform, both of which have legislative initiatives currently gaining momentum in Congress.