Author | Brianne Goodwin, JD, RN


IPP suit hinges on expert’s lack of credibility

January 02, 2020


"The expert testified that the standard of care after penile prosthesis surgery is to leave the implant in a semi-inflated state for 4 to 6 weeks, when in fact the standard is to keep the implant in a deflated state," writes Brianne Goodwin, JD, RN.

Retained metallic object prompts lawsuit

October 24, 2019


"The plaintiff alleged that she notified the urologist of her continuing pain and was told there was nothing wrong," writes Brianne Goodwin, JD, RN.

Resident, attending sued over BPH procedure

August 29, 2019


The court found that treatment performance was below the standard of care.

Not your patient? You can still be sued for malpractice

July 17, 2019


"It is prudent for providers to know the law of the jurisdiction where they practice and any applicable policies surrounding consult and documentation," advises Brianne Goodwin, JD, RN.