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Bipolar techniques show advantages in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia

September 01, 2012

Results from a prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial suggest that bipolar plasma vaporization of the prostate is a promising advance in the surgical treatment of BPH in men with average-size prostates.

Robotic radical prostatectomy raises surgical volume, lowers morbidity

September 01, 2012

Hospital adoption of robotic technology leads to an increase in overall volume of radical prostatectomy cases and has a positive impact on patient morbidity.

PSA screening reduces deaths by 29% in large trial

August 01, 2012

A final analysis of data after 11 years of follow-up in the European Randomised Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer (ERSPC) shows a highly statistically significant benefit of PSA screening for reducing prostate cancer mortality.

Older kidney stone patients more likely to have concurrent urinary tract infection

August 01, 2012

Both the clinical presentation and management of incident kidney stone disease appear to vary by age such that older individuals are more likely than their younger counterparts to present with a concurrent urinary tract infection (UTI), have no or atypical pain, and require surgical intervention.