Colleen M. Padia


Despite data, cautery-free RAP approach preferred

December 01, 2006

Cleveland-Although their data show otherwise, a group of researchers at the University of Rochester (NY) Medical Center have faith that using a cautery-free approach with Weck clips to preserve the neurovascular bundle during robot-assisted prostatectomy is a better choice than bipolar cautery.

TRUS biopsies found not useful for tumor location

December 01, 2006

Cleveland-Preoperative transrectal ultrasound biopsies are not always reliable tools for predicting positive surgical margins and tumor location in nerve-sparing robotic radical prostatectomies. However, this unreliability may be partly due to the biopsy results coming from outside labs and pathologists versus in-house evaluations.

Infertility takes psychological toll on patients

October 01, 2006

Atlanta-Two separate studies have found that men and women dealing with infertility suffer from depression and anxiety at a greater rate than the general population.