Author | Jeff Witz, CFP


How modern portfolio theory can help meet your financial goals

May 28, 2020


"[A study by Harry Markowitz] found that more than 90% of your long-term investment success is determined by asset class selection," writes Jeff Witz, CFP.

CARES Act: Here’s what physicians should know

May 01, 2020


The bill provides coverage of nonreimbursable expenses attributed to COVID-19, writes Jeff Witz, CFP.

COVID-19 and market fluctuation: What you should do

March 24, 2020


Avoid making decisions motivated by emotion and fear, advises Jeff Witz, CFP.

I made an excess contribution to my Roth IRA; how do I fix it?

February 19, 2020


"An excess contribution into a Roth IRA can be a hassle, but it is correctible. The sooner you fix the error, the less painful and less expensive the process will be," writes Jeff Witz, CFP.