Mary Beth Nierengarten


Partial nephrectomy shows increased survival benefit

April 15, 2013

A recently published population-based study reinforces prior evidence from retrospective studies of the increased survival benefit of partial nephrectomy over radical nephrectomy, and suggests a cancer-specific survival benefit for nephron-sparing approaches as well.

Imaging technologies reshape prostate cancer treatment

January 01, 2007

Chicago-Although open radical prostatectomy remains the gold standard of treatment for clinically localized prostate cancer, laparoscopic prostatectomy and, more recently, robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy are rapidly increasing in popularity as alternatives to traditional open prostatectomy techniques.

New cytotoxic agents for prostate cancer on the horizon

December 01, 2006

Chicago-Although chemotherapy reigns supreme as the most effective systemic therapy to treat advanced prostate cancer, it is being contested with the rapid emergence and development of novel agents that are showing great promise in targeting pathways of cancer without causing damage to normal cells. However, it doesn't appear that chemotherapy will be relegated to the history books any time soon. Even if targeted therapies prove to be all they promise they may be, chemotherapy may still be essential.

Chemo's benefit in T3 prostate cancer remains to be seen

December 01, 2006

Chicago-Whether chemotherapy may benefit men with locally advanced prostate cancer is still not known, but it is hoped that clinical trials currently under way may provide some evidence on the potential role of adjuvant or neoadjuvant chemotherapy in this setting.