Author | Ross E. Weber


States strip away medical liability protections

September 02, 2020

"Policymakers must be thoughtful and act in the public interest. That includes weighing the benefit of continued liability safeguards," writes Ross E. Weber of the AACU.

State telemedicine rules relaxed during COVID-19 crisis

April 29, 2020

"In the coming days, months, and years, physicians must be vigilant about protecting patient privacy and safety and maintaining appropriate reimbursement standards," writes the AACU's Ross E. Weber.

Policymakers consider changes to non-compete rules

February 27, 2020

"The widely varying enforceability of non-compete clauses or restrictive covenants requires physicians to pay special attention to contract provisions related to compensation as well as competition," writes the AACU's Ross E. Weber.

AACU annual meeting promotes advocacy, unity, political action

November 05, 2019

National politics, state advocacy issues, and innovative topics in urologic care came together as urologists from every practice setting and at varied points in their careers gathered in Washington for the AACU 2019 annual meeting.