Freehand biopsy with PrecisionPoint system

April 20, 2020

George and colleagues demonstrate the use of the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC) template to perform a freehand transperineal prostate biopsy using the PrecisionPoint Transperineal Access System.

Autologous mini-jupette fascial sling

July 26, 2019

This video from Faysal A. Yafi, MD, demonstrates the placement of the Adrianne “mini-jupette” sling for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and climacturia in a post-prostatectomy patient.

Inflatable penile prosthesis and mini male sling

July 26, 2019

This video, from Robert J. Valenzuela, MD, demonstrates the placement of a three-piece inflatable penile prosthesis and a mini male sling for the definitive treatment of post-robot-assisted prostatectomy erectile dysfunction and climacturia.

Video: Ultrasonic propulsion of kidney stones

December 21, 2018

The development of an ultrasonic stone propulsion system marks a significant advance in the treatment of kidney stones. This video explains how the system, which is still in development, is used to facilitate stone passage.

Simple prostatectomy for BPH: Surgeons demonstrate robotic approaches

April 24, 2018

These videos illustrate a robotic solution to the complex problem of very large prostate glands causing severe lower urinary tract symptoms.

In-office andrology: Videos show office-based hydrocelectomy, vasectomy reversal

December 11, 2017

These videos depict key steps of office-based approaches to hydrocelectomy and vasectomy reversal.

Cord denervation: Surgeons describe microsurgical techniques in men with scrotal pain

July 31, 2017

These videos each represent a different approach to this complex microsurgical procedure.

Transgender surgery: Videos demonstrate cutting-edge techniques

April 06, 2017

In these videos, expert surgeons demonstrate robot-assisted penile inversion vaginoplasty, single-stage metoidioplasty, and simple orchiectomy for transgender patients.

Buried penis repair: Videos illustrate aesthetic, functional considerations

December 07, 2016

These four videos depict expert techniques for buried penis repair.

Ureteral reimplantation: Cross-trigonal approach

October 07, 2016

In this video, M. Chad Wallis, MD, demonstrates the Cohen cross-trigonal ureteral reimplant, considered the most commonly performed open reimplant procedure.

Ureteral reimplantation: Top-down approach

October 07, 2016

In this video, Chester J. Koh, MD, shows key steps in a top-down approach without the use of stents for robot-assisted extravesical ureteral reimplantation.

UroLift vs. TURP: New gold standard for BPH?

June 03, 2016

In this video, Neil Baum, MD, compares UroLift with other BPH management strategies and also discusses his experience with the use of nitrous oxide as an effective sedative during in-office urologic procedures.