AUA 2011 Exhibit Hall Highlights


In this article, you'll find information about products and services from manufacturers that are exhibiting at the American Urological Association annual meeting in Washington. Exhibit hall booth numbers have been included so that you can search for product demonstrations and exhibits that are of particular interest to you.

Bard Medical

Tray system guides physicians through Foley catheter insertion

The Bard Medical Advance Foley Tray System is designed to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for prevention of catheter-associated urinary tract infections. This new tray configuration includes labeling reminding the clinician of the CDC recommendations as well as the steps for proper Foley catheter technique and maintenance. Illustrative directions for use outline steps for proper aseptic Foley catheter insertion, and a patient/family education card is provided to inform catheterized patients how they can help prevent UTIs.

Suturing device includes easy-to-grip handle, light construction

The FIXT Suturing Device is half the diameter of the leading suture delivery device. It has light but solid construction and an easy-grip handle to make the device an extension of the hand in tight spaces, according to manufacturer Bard Medical. The device's straightline insertion is designed to decrease manipulation.

Sling gives surgeons ability to make post-insertion adjustements

The Ajust single-incision sling gives surgeons the ability to tighten and loosen the sling after insertion of the anchors, allowing them to achieve the optimal sling setting without visual obstruction from introducers in the surgical space, according to manufacturer Bard Medical. After optimal setting, the sling lock is advanced up to the adjustable anchor (with flexible stylet), locking the sling into place.

Coloplast Corp.

Suture delivery system's flexibility allows access to deep pelvic areas

The Digitex Suture Delivery System is a single-incision transvaginal delivery tool that is easy to use, efficient, and flexible, according to manufacturer Coloplast. The device's Flexishaft has a 15-degree multi-directional head, allowing access to deep pelvic areas. Digitex fits easily in the pelvic space and allows for fixation of any synthetic or biologic graft material chosen by the surgeon. The system's ease of deployment delivers optimal tissue purchase for consistent suture capture.

Lightweight mesh products encourage collagen growth

The Restorelle product line from Coloplast is specifically developed for pelvic floor repair procedures created from Smartmesh technology. Smartmesh is a physiologically compatible, ultra-lightweight mesh that encourages superior collagen growth for optimal outcomes, according to Coloplast.

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