AUA becomes parent organization of AFUD


Linthicum, MD--Leaders of the American Foundation for Urologic Disease (AFUD) and the Executive Committee of AUA have reached an agreement that will bring AFUD under the aegis of AUA. Beginning this month, AFUD will operate under the name of the American Urological Association Foundation (AUAF).

"There are a number of good reasons for allowing AFUD to be absorbed by the AUA, the main ones being that the AUA has a number of the departments, facilities, and resources that are important to AFUD. The economy of scale benefits achieved by eliminating duplication of activities together with increased AUA financial support will not only help sustain the AUAF, but allow it to grow," said Richard D. Williams, MD.

Dr. Williams served as the most recent president of AFUD and will be the vice-chairman, director of medical affairs, on the AUAF Operating Board. He indicated that the current board of directors of AFUD, consisting of both physicians and laypersons, is expected to be transitioned to become the AUAF Operating Board. The AUAF Operating Board will retain responsibility for future planning, budget definition, patient education, patient advocacy, and directing funding for research and the Scholar Program.

Mutual decision AFUD was first formed in 1987 with funding from AUA and industry sponsors. Since its inception, it has relied on those sources as well as generous donations from individuals, industry, and AUA sections to support its activities. However, in recent years, AFUD has been struggling financially. For example, by 2004, it was heavily dependent on AUA support for maintaining the AFUD Scholar Program.

Discussions about absorbing AFUD into AUA began several years ago, and interest in moving forth with the coalition escalated recently as members of the AFUD Board of Directors recognized obstacles they faced.

"Interest in combining forces has been mutual, and the AUA will offer the financial support needed to assure the longevity of AFUD programs that would not have been possible before," Dr. Williams said.

A strategic planning meeting will be held this summer involving individuals and re-sources from both AUA and the Foundation.

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