AUA Exhibit Hall Highlights: Orlando 2014


This guide features products and services from manufacturers that are exhibiting at the AUA annual meeting in Orlando. Exhibit hall booth numbers have been included so that you can search for product demonstrations and exhibits that are of particular interest to you.

HealthTronics, Inc.

Cryoablation system features updated onboard ultrasound

The Endocare Cryocare CS cryoablation system’s new onboard ultrasound provides improved visualization and more flexibility than the previous onboard ultrasound, according to manufacturer HealthTronics, Inc. It continues to be fully integrated with the system’s CryoGuide planning software in order to provide guidance for prostate cryoablation procedures. A transrectal ultrasound probe is also included with the system. HealthTronics makes the cryoablation system available through its vast mobile network that extends access to cryoablation and other medical technologies, including lithotripsy and laser treatment for BPH.

AUA Booth #1877

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Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp.

Ureteroscopes offers high image quality, access sheath flexibility

The Boa Vision flexible digital sensor ureteroscope features advanced chip-on-the-tip technology that provides sharp imaging quality while still maintaining a slim 8.9F outer diameter. This new digital sensor endoscope easily accommodates access sheaths from 9.5F-11.5F, possibly eliminating the need to stock another size access sheath, says manufacturer Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp. The Cobra Vision flexible dual-channel digital sensor ureteroscope is a chip-on-the-tip scope that features two operating channels with crystal-clear image quality. The Cobra Vision has an outer diameter of only 9.9F. One operating channel is 2.4F, and is ideally suited for the use of a laser fiber. The second large 3.6F operating channel creates optimal irrigation flow for a consistently clear field of view and for the simultaneous use of a stone basket.

AUA Booth #2120, 2129

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NeoTract, Inc.

Permanent implant improves obstruction secondary to BPH

NeoTract, Inc.’s UroLift System is a permanent implant to treat symptoms due to urinary outflow obstruction secondary to BPH in men 50 years of age or older. Cleared by the FDA in September 2013, the UroLift System is designed to relieve symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate while preserving sexual function. The system’s implants, delivered during a minimally invasive procedure, act like window curtain tie-backs to hold the lobes of an enlarged prostate open. Patients recover from the procedure quickly and return to their normal routines with minimal downtime, NeoTract says.

AUA Booth #701

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GenomeDx Biosciences

Genomic test informs treatment decisions post prostatectomy

GenomeDx Biosciences’ Decipher Prostate Cancer Classifier is a unique genomic test that helps to inform decisions about the course of treatment for high-risk men after prostatectomy. By assessing the activity of multiple genomic markers associated with metastatic disease, Decipher provides information about the aggressiveness of a patient’s tumor-information distinct from that provided by traditional measures, according to GenomeDx Biosciences.

AUA Booth #2255

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Catheter helps providers navigate difficult urinary catheterizations

PercuVision’s DirectVision Foley with Vision catheter helps nurses, mid-level professionals, and physicians to navigate around curves, strictures, false passages, enlarged prostates, and other complications associated with difficult urinary catheterizations. Benefits include more successful placements with fewer urologic consults, especially in the emergency department and on the floors. In addition, if the clinician sees no successful path forward, the clinician knows to stop and seek a urologic consult, avoiding iatrogenic injuries.

AUA Booth #811

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Portable 3-D bladder scanner measures volume, PVR with one click

BladderVu, LABORIE’s first portable 3-D bladder scanner, offers a combination of state-of-the-art technologies that quickly and accurately measure urinary bladder volume or post-void residual with a single click. The BladderVu contains a built-in aiming guide and built-in thermal printer. The 8-inch (20-cm) color touch screen provides high resolution. Bladder scanning prevents unnecessary catheterization and catheter-associated urinary tract infection while reducing hospital costs and saving time (no sonographer required). Also highlighted at the LABORIE booth are the Aquarius, the company’s next-generation suite of urodynamic analyzer systems; the Goby, a modular and wireless system for assessing lower urinary tract dysfunction that can be transported in a travel case; and the Peritron, a hand-held clinical perineometer intended for assessing the strength of pelvic floor muscles and teaching pelvic floor exercises.

AUA Booth #759

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Myriad Genetics

RNA-expression test stratifies prostate cancer progression risk

Prolaris is a novel 46-gene RNA-expression test that directly measures tumor cell growth characteristics for stratifying the risk of disease progression in prostate cancer patients. Prolaris provides a quantitative measure of the RNA expression levels of genes involved in the progression of tumor growth, according to Myriad Genetics, which developed the test. Low gene expression is associated with a low risk of disease progression in men who may be candidates for surveillance, and high gene expression is associated with a higher risk of disease progression in patients who may benefit from additional therapy.

AUA Booth #1311

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Accuray Inc.

Robotic radiosurgery system accounts for tumor motion

The CyberKnife M6 robotic radiosurgery system features a robotically mounted linear accelerator and is the only system that automatically adjusts the beam to changes in tumor position during treatment, Accuray Inc. says. CyberKnife accounts for tumor motion due to respiration and other internal motion, enabling clinicians to track tumor motion at a variety of anatomic sites. Additionally, the CyberKnife System provides a wide range of precise non-coplanar treatment angles, effectively treating every patient in 3-D.

AUA Booth #2175

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Sony Medical

Medical display, recorder offers 2-D/3-D capability, image storage

Sony Medical’s three-dimensional medical solution includes a medical display as well as a recorder. The LMD-3251MT is a 32-inch three-dimensional medical display with widescreen full HD 3-D, featuring circular micro-polarizing technology to deliver lifelike images. It is also 2-D/3-D switchable and features backlight technology. Because of its 2-D/3-D capability, the HVO-3000MT recorder is an ideal option for health care facilities currently using 2-D but planning to upgrade to 3-D in the near future. The recorder combines superb image quality with a range of innovative features, including the ability to record up to 31 hours of high-quality images onto its internal hard disc drive, and simultaneously record to various external media such as Blu-ray disc, DVD, or USB, Sony says. Additionally, the recorder supports live image streaming over a hospital network.

AUA Booth #2275

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Cook Medical

Laser’s variable pulse allows for versatility in stone management

Cook Medical’s Rhapsody H-30 laser can be used in a variety of urologic procedures, including treatments for patients with kidney or bladder stones. It features a variable pulse, which allows physicians to either break up the stone into removable pieces or disintegrate it. It also has several user-friendly features, such as a touchscreen control panel and a green aiming beam. Cook Medical is offering a maintenance and service warranty program for the system.

AUA Booth #1617

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KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc.

Uretero-renoscope designed for difficult-to-reach pathologies

The Flex-Xc Flexible Uretero-Renoscope is designed to provide endourologists greater imaging and therapy capabilities for treating patients who suffer from upper urinary tract diseases, according to manufacturer KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc. The scope utilizes a state-of-the-art distal digital camera technology that provides a clear, sharp image of patient anatomy and disease pathologies. It also provides maximum accessibility within patient anatomies thanks to its proprietary dynamic flexible design and maximum distal tip articulation. Difficult-to-reach patient disease pathologies, including upper urinary tract tumors and cancers, can be more effectively treated with the use of the Flex-Xc flexible scope.

AUA Booth #1629

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Mission Pharmacal

Xerostomia oral spray’s effects last up to 4 hours with no side effects

Aquoral is a prescription, non-drug, FDA-approved medical device that relieves patients from xerostomia (dry mouth) for up to 4 hours with no observed side effects. The oral spray uses patented oxidized glycerol triesters technology, a unique, plant-derived, lipid-based technology designed to function like human saliva, according to manufacturer Mission Pharmacal. Dry mouth affects up to 60% of patients taking an anticholinergic agent for overactive bladder. Mission Pharmacal will also be featuring Uribel capsules, a multi-ingredient therapy for the treatment of local symptoms associated with irritative voiding; and Urocit-K, an extended-release formulation of potassium citrate for treatment of kidney stones in patients with renal tubular acidosis with calcium stones, hypocitraturic calcium oxalate stones of any etiology, and uric acid lithiasis, with and without uric acid stones.

AUA Booth #1179

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Mimic Technologies, Inc.

Surgical simulator helps assistant gain experience, refine skills

Mimic Technologies Inc.’s Xperience Team Trainer is the first system exclusively designed to help the robotic surgeon’s first assistant gain experience and refine skills in a simulation environment, according to the company. The new simulator functions as a complementary hardware unit for Mimic’s dV-Trainer simulator, featuring two movable laparoscopic tool ports for use by the first assistant. This enables the first assistant and console surgeon to safely train together outside the OR. Many of the most effective basic skills exercises on the dV-Trainer have been modified to accommodate the first assistant. These exercises build teamwork and synchronization for common maneuvers such as needle passing, tissue retraction, and clip application.

AUA Booth #917

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Astellas Pharma US, Inc.

Products offer solutions for prostate cancer, overactive bladder

At the AUA annual meeting, Astellas Pharma US, Inc. will feature one product for prostate cancer and two for overactive bladder. Astellas says visitors can learn about the efficacy, safety, mechanism of action, and dosing of these products at an engaging, interactive booth-and experience how the company’s commitment to drug development helps individuals suffering from urologic conditions and the medical professionals who treat them.

AUA Booth #1349

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Miraca Life Sciences

Academic pathology company emphasizes quality assurance

Miraca Life Sciences specializes in the development of high-quality academic pathology services, primarily in the fields of urology, gastroenterology, dermatology, and hematology. Through rigorous quality assurance, daily and monthly conferences, and close relationships with clinical partners, Miraca Life Sciences continuously improves diagnostic precision, with an annual volume of approximately 1 million cases. The company says it believes that every patient deserves the right answer, which is derived from the most sophisticated subspecialty expertise, the most intense dedication to quality, and the most unwavering commitment to innovation.

AUA Booth #1871

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Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Injection treatment produces serum testosterone levels in normal range

Testosterone undecanoate (AVEED) injection from Endo Pharmaceuticals is a recently FDA-approved treatment for adult men with hypogonadism that is associated with a deficiency or absence of testosterone. Testosterone undecanoate is a prescription medicine indicated to produce serum testosterone levels in the normal range by administration of a single 3-mL (750-mg) intramuscular injection given once at initiation of therapy, at 4 weeks, and then every 10 weeks thereafter.

AUA Booth #769

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Absorption Pharmaceuticals

Topical lidocaine spray relieves premature ejaculation in men

Promescent is a topical spray that is applied to the penis 10 minutes before sex, enabling a man to attain ejaculation control. Its unique eutectic mixture allows for effective absorption of topical lidocaine. Promescent’s absorption technology, in conjunction with the metered-dose spray bottle, enables men to deliver a specific and reproducible amount of lidocaine through the stratum corneum of the penile skin to the dermis and control ejaculation latency. Promescent absorbs and dries in a few minutes. The reduced sensitivity typically lasts at least 30 minutes to more than 1 hour depending upon the dose and penis sensitivity, according to Absorption Pharmaceuticals.

AUA Booth #307

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