Do you ever read or take part in urology-related blogs?

Urologists say they don't have time to participate in blogs, but some do embrace the medium.

"I actually write one. I got into it because one of my patients is an IT person. He told me about WordPress, so I went on and signed up for a blog. We monitor it to see if people are reading it. We started in January and had three hits; then it went to 13, then 60, and for April, it went to 180.

We're not at the point where we discuss issues yet, but I'll put information out about new procedures I'm doing, like Botox and Blue Light, and when somebody Googles those, they'll find my blog.

Frank I. Margolis, MD
Phillipsburg, NJ

"I do most of my reading on PubMed and in the form of journal articles, not in an active chat community. If I have questions, I'll go to the guidelines, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, or my colleagues.

It's really a lack of familiarity with blogs. None of my colleagues blog or have recommended any sites.

If I had a good blogging resource, it could be helpful. More information is never bad.

We have so much information available; I generally go to fact- or evidence-based medicine sites. Typically, what you pick up on blogs is anecdotal. That's not necessarily bad; you can pick up good information, but a lot of sites have journal articles that lead to other journal articles with evidence-based medicine.

If there were a good blog-if it was interesting, the blogger had expertise in the field they blogged about, and people who responded also knew what they were talking about-I probably would go look at it for certain things."

Cristopher Garlitz, MD

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