Author | Karen Nash


Do you ever face feelings of burnout? How do you cope?

June 11, 2020


"I struggle with fighting burnout because I don’t think I’ve done it as well as some people. People advised me to establish a better work-life balance," says one urologist.

How has the FDA’s mesh guidance affected POP treatment?

May 26, 2020


"I prefer doing transvaginal prolapse surgery with native tissue and always have. So I was not affected when mesh was restricted," says one urologist.

What has been the pandemic’s main effect on your practice?

April 08, 2020


"I’m only seeing patients I absolutely have to see, like a catheter change or a stent removal. We’ve postponed things like vasectomies," says one urologist.

Is MRI fusion Bx the new gold standard for diagnosing PCa?

March 27, 2020


“It hasn’t become the gold standard yet. There are still a lot of inter-reader reliability issues. The same MRI scans, read by different radiologists, may be read differently," says one urologist.