Dr. Amy Krambeck discusses study comparing lithotripters for stone removal

Amy E. Krambeck, MD, discusses her recent trial1comparing the efficacy of Trilogy and ShockPulse-SE lithotripters used in percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL). Krambeck et al found that both devices are highly efficient and serve as notable advancements in stone-removal technologies, although fewer device malfunctions were reported when the Trilogy device was utilized.

In 2017, the ShockPulse-SE was introduced by Olympus America as a unique lithotripter that produces 300 Hz of ballistic force. In 2018, the ultrasonic-ballistic, single-probe lithotripter Trilogy was invented by EMS and Boston Scientific. Trilogy has not been measured against its competitors, thus this study tested Trilogy’s efficacy against ShockPulse-SE.

In this interview, Krambeck, a professor of Urology, Department of Urology, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, discusses the background and results of the study, as well as how the findings will affect her clinical practice.

“For harder, more aggressive stones, I'm more likely to use the Trilogy based on the results of the study. If I have a softer, easier stone, I prefer the lightness of the ShockPulse—so I'm probably going to use the ShockPulse for something that doesn't require all the power that's necessary behind the Trilogy,” Krambeck says in the video.


1. Large T, Nottingham C, Brinkman E, et al. Multi-institutional prospective randomized control trial of novel intracorporeal lithotripters: ShockPulse-SE vs Trilogy trial [published online ahead of print August 16, 2021]. Journal of Endourology. doi:10.1089/end.2020.1097

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