Dr. Bristol Whiles discusses her experience as a urology resident

On this podcast, Bristol Whiles, MD, discusses her urology residency experience at the Kansas University School of Medicine Department of Urology.

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Every year, young urologists start their long-awaited exciting careers after going through a few challenging years in residency. Dr. Bristol Whiles, who recently graduated from her residency in urology, talks about her trajectory in these hard times and brings us some interesting thoughts on how to overcome the difficulties that inherently residency brings us, but at the same time be productive and competent in what is expected of a great resident. Although it is common sense that a resident works incessantly, it does not mean that they cannot dedicate some time for their families and hobbies. The one-million-dollar question is: “how can they do that?”, and she talked us through some game-changer ideas, useful not only to residents, but generalizable to every profession. Brilliant in every way, she managed to excel not only in the triviality of the everyday assignments of a good urology resident but also showed above-average engagement in cutting-edge research at the university, which was a determining factor for her choice to engage in a minimally invasive surgery fellowship program. Finally, she gives some insights to younger residents that aspire to stand out and excel in their future careers.

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