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The Kansas University School of Medicine Urology Department, in partnership with The University of Kansas Health System, relishes a distinguished national reputation for uniquely combining optimized patient care with outstanding residency and fellowship training. Our passion for science and basic research drives us to be at the forefront of science and technology, pioneering every new discovery that genuinely changes our perspectives on life. We are proud to have our faculty and staff comprised of world-renowned leaders in all urologic subspecialties, with abundant knowledge from pediatric afflictions to the inherent tribulations of human aging. We enjoy being one of the largest and most productive academic urology centers in America’s heartland. As expected, we are continuously developing and attracting the most brilliant minds to offer the best urology practice available in the country. Our ultimate goal is to provide an excellent understanding of every urological condition, which inevitably leads to extraordinary patient satisfaction. Connect with us to see how we are changing urology and medicine!

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Urology Times 50 Innovations Series: Multiparametric MRI in prostate cancer

October 05, 2022

“From a screening perspective, mpMRI really has changed how we evaluate men at risk for prostate cancer. It has improved the selection of men for biopsy and certainly improved our diagnostic rates,” says William P. Parker, MD.