Dr. Kang discusses what a recent study of prostate MRI means for clinicians and patients

“While many patients may think of imaging tests, as many other tests, as [having] a binary outcome, it may be important to have a discussion about how the scoring and MRI works, [and] what the patient can expect to see on their report,” says Stella K. Kang, MD.

In this video, Stella K. Kang, MD, shares the take-home message from the recent Radiology study, “Active Surveillance Strategies for Low-Grade Prostate Cancer: Comparative Benefits and Cost-effectiveness,” for which she served as a study author. She also shares how the study findings will affect her own clinical practice. Kang is an associate professor of radiology and population health and director of Comparative Effectiveness and Outcomes Research in the department of radiology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, New York.