Dr. Yerram on the use of DynaCAD for precision care in prostate cancer


“It's the next evolution of being able to provide precision care for our patients in the area of prostate cancer,” says Nitin K. Yerram, MD.

In this interview, Nitin K. Yerram, MD, discusses how DynaCAD Prostate is advancing precision care in the treatment of patients with prostate cancer. Yerram is a urologic oncologist and the director of urologic research and urologic oncology at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey.

Video Transcript:

DynaCAD is a product made by Philips. Historically, if you look to how prostate cancer was diagnosed and treated, it really was based on how patients had an elevated PSA, and then we biopsied the prostate almost blind, and we provided them [with] a one size fits all treatment option, such as surgery. But in our evolution to be able to provide precision medicine for our patients, especially in the area of prostate cancer, we've heavily invested in new tools and technologies to be able to provide the next step to be able to help us reach our goal.

That first step was to be able to say that now we use prostate MRI to be able to help diagnose and detect these cancers. Our radiologists, who are world experts in understanding how a prostate MRI is able to be viewed and diagnosed and find these lesions that are consistent with significant prostate cancer, they're able to mark those areas of concerns up on the MRI itself. After those radiologists were able to do that, we're able to take that same image with that lesion that's marked up by the radiologist and target our biopsy software to be able to say, we're going to biopsy that exact area for the patient. So, now we're able to not just say, "Hey, your prostate has cancer," we're able to know exactly where in the prostate, whether it's in the upper quadrant, lower quadrant, near the urethra, exactly where that cancer is. By being able to find where that cancer is, we're actually able to use this DynaCAD technology to be able to also transport that image and also that data to our other opportunities to be able to treat them. One of them is with focal therapy, and we use a platform called Focal One. DynaCAD is able to allow us to interface that technology and that information between the MRI as well as the machine, and we can successfully target that lesion on the Focal One machine to be able to provide the patient with a good result. It's the next evolution of being able to provide precision care for our patients in the area of prostate cancer.

This transcription has been edited for clarity.

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