Laparoscopic extraperitoneal intrafascial RP: Technique

Endopelvic fascia and dorsal venous complex are left intact, one of the hallmarks of this technique.

Surgical technique

Our technique of extraperitoneal laparoscopic radical prostatectomy has been described elsewhere (Issues in Urology 2006; 18:70-4). The steps are reiterated with modifications pertinent to the intrafascial dissection, similar to that described by Stolzenburg (Urology 2006; 67:17-21). After the administration of prophylactic cephalosporin antibiotic and general anesthetic, the patient is positioned supine and is prepped and draped in a standard fashion. A 20F latex Foley catheter is placed for drainage.

A 5-port extraperitoneal approach is used in a fan-shaped distribution. The camera and medial assistant ports are 10 mm; the other ports are 5 mm.