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A number of prominent urologists are among the signers of a letter applauding the FDA for holding a workshop on female sexual dysfunction.

A number of prominent urologists are among the signers of a letter applauding the FDA for holding a workshop on female sexual dysfunction.

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More than 80 experts in male sexual dysfunction-including several U.S. urologists in clinical and academic practice-signed the letter praising the organization’s decision to hold a 2-day workshop in late October focusing on female sexual dysfunction, a condition the FDA has designated a priority unmet medical need.

“As clinicians, we see on a daily basis the impact that sexual dysfunction has on the affected woman as well as her partner. We have seen, over the years, the benefits to women of treating their sexually dysfunctional male partners and we expect that treating the similarly affected woman will enhance not just her life but that of the couple,” reads the letter, whose signers are led by John P. Mulhall, MD, of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York.

To date, the FDA has approved 26 different drugs that are marketed for the treatment of male sexual dysfunction (erectile dysfunction and low testosterone) and none for the treatment of women’s most common sexual health complaint, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, according to a statement from advocacy group Even the Score.

Even the Score called the Oct. 27-28 workshop “a historic moment in the fight for gender equity in sexual health where patients, patient advocates, health care providers, and sexual health experts will discuss the issue and the need for medical treatment options for women.”


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In their letter, the clinicians explain the benefit that has accrued to broader understanding of men’s health through the approval of therapies for male sexual dysfunction.

“Opening the door to novel therapeutics in any area of medicine will no doubt further financial and academic investment in research, increasing our knowledge, and spurring on novel therapy development… We believe it is time to give serious consideration to a novel pharmacotherapy for women,” they wrote.

“This letter is yet another sign of the growing momentum behind the push for an FDA-approved treatment option for women’s most common sexual health complaint,” said Susan Scanlan, chair of Even the Score. “The message from these well-respected clinicians and experts in their fields underscores the fact that the medical community, along with thousands of others, stands ready to support the FDA in making the right decision for women.”

Other co-signers of the letter include Arthur L. Burnett, II, MD, Culley C. Carson, III, MD, Irwin Goldstein, MD, Wayne J. Hellstrom, MD, Mohit Khera, MD, Martin Miner, MD, Allen Morey, MD, and Abraham Morgentaler, MD.

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