New Products: App helps moviegoers with OAB, new mesh for sacrocolpopexy, and more


In this round-up of new urology products and services, learn about an app that helps moviegoers with OAB, a new mesh for sacrocolpopexy, and device/smartphone app that help women with pelvic floor exercises.


Leading hydrophilic coated guidewire has new U.S. distributor

Center Valley, PA-Olympus has partnered with Terumo Corp. to be the exclusive distributor of the GLIDEWIRE Urologic Hydrophilic Coated Guidewire, a device cleared by the FDA for urologic use. The GLIDEWIRE is used during minimally invasive urology procedures such as ureteroscopy, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, and lithotripsy to help advance devices and enable easy tracking of urologic instruments, catheters, and stents, according to Olympus. It’s designed to help physicians address the triple aim of the Affordable Care Act: improving quality of care, reducing health care costs, and enhancing patient satisfaction. Key features include kink resistance, tapered core wire at the hydrophilic distal tip designed to reduce trauma, highly lubricious coating, and availability in 24 options, including standard and stiff shaft, as well as multiple tip configurations, including straight, angled, and Bentson-type tips. 

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Faster version of brachytherapy planning software launched

Anaheim, CA-Varian Medical Systems has launched a faster version of VariSeed brachytherapy treatment-planning software. VariSeed software helps to improve workflow, speed up the planning process, and enhance the precision of low-dose-rate brachytherapy planning, the company says. It also features a new VariPath module that supports the use of data and images from transperineal ultrasound-guided biopsies, allowing the planning, tracking, and recording of results, with the additional option of fusing these findings with MRI images. Also new is SmartConnect Plus, which enables service personnel to proactively diagnose, troubleshoot, and make repairs to these systems in real time so clinics can continue to serve patients with minimal disruption. Varian’s technical experts can see remotely what customers see and deal with problems faster.

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New mesh for sacrocolpopexy is lightweight, flexible, strong

Agoura Hills, CA-Caldera Medical has introduced an improved Vertessa Lite mesh that the company says is lightweight, flexible, and strong for sacrocolpopexy procedures in patients with pelvic organ prolapse. It is a large-pore (approximately 1,500-micron), monofilament, polypropylene mesh that is blue in color for improved visibility. Vertessa Light is lighter, weighing 20.9 g/m2, and is also 31% stronger than the market-leading mesh with a suture pull-out strength that is 32% greater, according to Caldera. Vertessa Lite will be offered in configurations including Y-mesh, flat mesh sheets, and mesh strips.

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Device/smartphone app helps women with pelvic floor exercises

Denver-Analytica Ltd. has unveiled its PeriCoach System, a device and smartphone app that helps women perform at-home pelvic floor muscle training. The device consists of three biosensors that are inserted into the vagina. The biosensors detect the strength of each muscle contraction and record each exercise session. Results are sent to a smartphone and the app collects and analyzes the readings and gives a picture of how the user is doing over time. It also sends exercise reminders to women, and results are sent to a clinician or pelvic health specialist. The PeriCoach System was cleared by the FDA in March 2015 and is now available.

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AUA Choosing Wisely recommendations incorporated in urology EMR

Boca Raton, FL-Modernizing Medicine, Inc. has incorporated the AUA 2013 Choosing Wisely list in its Electronic Medical Assistant (EMA) Urology electronic medical record. According to the company, integrating the Choosing Wisely statements directly into EMA Urology’s workflow can help avoid wasteful or medical tests and treatments by promoting conversations between clinicians and patients to choose care that is supported by evidence, not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received, free from harm, and truly necessary. EMA Urology was developed by urologists for urologists as a native iPad application with intuitive touch-screen functionality, Modernizing Medicine said.

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App helps moviegoers with OAB avoid missing key scenes

Northbrook, IL-For your patients with overactive bladder, the RunPee app is designed to allow them enjoy movies without worrying about missing key scenes because they need to use the bathroom. The app, sponsored by Astellas Pharma US, provides a list of one to four brief moments in each movie when viewers can “run and pee.” The app includes a timer, which the user starts when the movie starts, and which will vibrate before each “peetime.” It will also let the user know if there is anything during or after the end credits to stick around for and provides a synopsis of the first 3 minutes of most movies.

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