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September 1, 2007

New urology products and services.

Once-daily OAB drug offers efficacy, tolerability

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Minneapolis-The recently approved TherMatrx TMX3000 thermotherapy system, from American Medical Systems, replaces the TherMatrx TMX2000 as a non-surgical, in-office treatment for patients with BPH. The company says the unit is customizable and easy to use, with three different protocol settings, touch-screen monitor, and automatic calibration of temperature sensors. Five-year data on more than 60,000 men indicate improved quality of life and no long-term side effects or unexpected adverse events reported.

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Mobile unit uses ultrasound to test bladder volume

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Incision retractor widens wound area, lessens trauma

Maple Grove, MN, and Telford, PA-MCT II, LLC, and Gyrus ACMI, Inc. have formed a partnership to distribute the Protractor incision protector and retractor. The disposable device establishes a circular border around surgical incisions to maximize abdominal exposure and create a barrier to infection, decreasing contamination risk and maintaining moisture in incised tissue. This facilitates wound closure, reducing local trauma and minimizing permanent tissue damage. The instrument is available in four sizes and is fast and easy to set up, according to Gyrus ACMI, which will sell, market, and distribute the device.

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Multi-modality ultrasound offers variety of functions

Cypress, CA-Medison USA's SonoAce X8 is a multi-modality ultrasound system that features high-resolution 3-D/4-D imaging, 3-D multislice view, 3-D oblique view, dynamic MR, and full-spectrum imaging. It incorporates a high-resolution 17-inch LCD flat screen monitor with an articulated arm for optimal ergonomic viewing during the ultrasound examination. Other features include sensitive spectral, color, and power Doppler and harmonic imaging, on-board image archival and comprehensive measurement packages, and the ability for post-processing and measurements of stored images.

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