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Software promotes accurate prostate staging

Software promotes accurate prostate stagingWhite Plains, NY- 3TP Imaging Sciences has launched a postprocessing computer program for establishing an accurate diagnosis of prostate staging to improve brachytherapy planning and to calculate tumor volume measurements. The software program uses dynamic contrast–enhanced magnetic resonance images of the prostate to measure tissue permeability and extracellular volume fraction on a pixel-by-pixel basis at three distinct time points, assigning a color to each pixel to facilitate identification of masses.

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Agent granted FDA approval for uncomplicated UTIsMenlo Park, CA- Depomed, Inc. has received FDA approval for an extended-release formulation of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride (Proquin XR), once-daily, for treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infections. The drug is released into the body over a 6-hour period, precluding gastrointestinal side effects and interaction with other oral medications, the company says. A phase II study confirmed that the once-daily formula demonstrates efficacy comparable to the twice-daily formulation in destroying bacteria associated with UTI.

Single-use sheath works with reusable endoscopesSan Jose, CA- Prosurg's NeoScope is a single-use cystoscopic sheath that is compatible with commercial reusable endoscopes. Uses include diagnosis and delivery of radiofrequency needle probes, Bugbee electrodes, laser fiberoptics, and needles for injecting anesthetics and ablative, tissue augmenting, bulking, and therapeutic agents into the bladder, prostate, and lower urinary tract. It is also FDA-approved for its intended use in the treatment of urologic and urogynecologic disorders. Built into the sheath are a mechanism for retractable delivery device operation and a clear optical window to isolate the endoscope from cross-contamination.

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