Product Update: Struvite stone Tx relaunched, ABMS offers MOC directory


Learn more about these products as well as a powered exam table and an app that measures, monitors, and helps improve fertility in men.




Agent for struvite stones relaunched with consistent supply expected

San Antonio-Mission Pharmacal Co. has reintroduced acetohydroxamic acid (Lithostat) for use as an adjunctive therapy with antibiotic therapy for struvite (infection) kidney stones. Mission said it is again offering this product with significant improvements in service for patients and their health care providers. Mission is partnering with a French company to provide the active ingredients needed to manufacture Lithostat. Through this more reliable, long-term source, Mission said it has fully restocked Lithostat and expects to produce a consistent product supply in the future. 

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App measures, monitors, and helps improve male fertility

Livermore, CA-Sandstone Diagnostics, Inc. introduced Trak Beta for Android, a free app that provides men with comprehensive tools to monitor and improve their reproductive health. Trak allows men to obtain a personalized evaluation of fertility risks and tips to improve and track their results. Users can track diet, exercise, stress, heat exposure, toxin exposure, and general wellness. The app also helps men understand their semen analysis and explains what’s normal, how to boost sperm count, and fertility treatment options.

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ABMS directory offers access to approved MOC activities

Chicago-The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the Association of American Medical Colleges have launched the ABMS Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Directory, which offers member board diplomates access to a comprehensive repository of approved MOC activities across specialties and subspecialties. ABMS said the directory also “will reduce the administrative burden for physicians participating in MOC by identifying activities approved by multiple ABMS Member Boards in one central location.”

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Powered exam table offersflexibility, affordability

Menomonee Falls, WI-The Brewer Co. says its new FLEX Access Exam Table delivers flexibility in an affordable package. The table has been designed to put the performance advantages of powered exam tables within easy economic reach, so practices can afford to handle patients more safely and efficiently, see a broader range of patients, and perform a wider range of examinations. FLEX has easy-to-clean seamless upholstery in a variety of color choices. Its SafeGlide leg extension enhances patient and staff safety. Stirrups, pelvic tilt, and a drawer heater can be added.

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