Top 5 malpractice articles of 2017


Ranging from advice on telephone triage to reports on cases involving circumcision requiring revision surgery to a missed kidney cancer diagnosis, these were our most-read “Malpractice Consult” columns online from 2017.



With the New Year rapidly approaching, Urology Times is taking a look back at 2017 to see which topics resonated with readers. As in previous years, our “Malpractice Consult” column, written in alternating months by Dawn Collins, JD, and Brianne Goodwin, JD, RN, remains one of Urology Times’ most popular pieces of content. Here are the most-read “Malpractice Consult” articles online from 2017:

Telephone triage can jeopardize patient safety, lead to litigation

"Staff need to document all calls where medical advice or information is given to a patient," Goodwin writes. Read more



Circumcision requiring revision surgery prompts lawsuit

The defendant argued that redundant foreskin can remain even after a routine procedure. Read Collins’ column




Patient sues after stapler misfire leads to rectal tear

The patient alleges that urologist was unable to distinguish prostate from rectum, resulting in tear. Read Collins’ column




Missed kidney cancer diagnosis leads to death, legal action

A lawsuit alleged that those involved with the performance and interpretation of a computed tomography scan failed to diagnose and therefore did not treat the patient's kidney cancer and caused his death. Read Collins’ column




How patient obesity can impact malpractice litigation

"In the event that a patient's course of medical or surgical treatment is being dictated by the condition of obesity, it is critical for a provider to document this," Goodwin writes. Read more

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