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Top apps for urologists


From AUA guidelines to a prostate cancer risk calculator, here are some useful apps recommended by urologists.

AUA apps

The AUA has several apps for urologists:

AUAGuidelines: "This app contains a concise synopsis of each clinical guideline supported by the AUA for quick reference. It is frequently updated, and I enjoy referring to it both in the clinic setting when counseling patients and in preparation for teaching conferences and examinations. It also contains links to guideline videos; AUA white papers; policy, positions, and consensus statements; surgical risk calculator; Choosing Wisely, and PQRS."

AUAUniversity: I primarily use this app for referencing the Core Curriculum, which is contained in its entirety in the app. The app facilitates both studying and quick referencing.  It is also frequently updated. There are also links to AUA abstracts, webcasts, courses, and CME transcripts.

American Urological Association Journals(and other journal-specific apps): "The AUA Journals app specifically provides access to the Journal of Urology and Urology Practice. It provides for a quick means by which to skim over articles in the latest and archived editions. Similar apps exist for other journals in our field, and they are helpful to have."

Uro Challenge: "In preparation for both examinations and the Resident Quiz Bowl of the AUA, this app provides a multiple-choice question format for reviewing material, with real-time scoring."

AUA annual meeting app: This app is "helpful s a roadmap to navigate the national meeting."

Nirmish Singla, MD

Urology resident, University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas




Bladder Pal 2

"Men have found it to be helpful especially when comparing before and after changes in treatment."

Brian R. Stork, MD

West Shore Urology, Muskegon, MI












CDC Antibiotic Guidelines and STD Tx Guide

"They are quick and easy to use and helpful when I am in the office setting with a patient."

Philip M. Hanno, MD, MPH

Clinical professor of urology, University of Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford, CA






The app is "helpful to explain treatment pathways and surgery to patients."

James M. Hotaling, MD, MS

Assistant professor of surgery (urology) at the Center for Reconstructive Urology and Men's Health, University of Utah, Salt Lake City.




Epocrates Reference Tools for Healthcare Providers

"The most useful app I've found for day-to-day use with patients is the drug compendium Epocrates. Replacing the time-honored but heavy and cumbersome PDR, this app for smartphones contains information about drug use, dosing, sound alike medications, a list of contraindications and adverse reactions, alternatives, pharmacology, cost, and even a pictorial representation to identify many of those bags of pills patients bring to the office. Like many of the better software programs, it lists drug interactions to keep the prescriber out of trouble, notifications, and a search engine for treatment guidelines. We'd all like to think we have all this information embedded in our own gray matter but a little assist from a handy pocket app provides safety, efficiency, and increases value. The free app is sufficient for your purposes."

Jeffrey E. Kaufman, MD

Private practice, Santa Ana, CA





"This is the app used by Campbell-Walsh Urology. It provides an easy way to read/reference the textbook, highlight, make notes, and watch videos."

Nirmish Singla, MD

Urology resident, University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas




NCCN Guidelines

"I find this app helpful to reference particularly in the clinic setting for determining follow-up of some oncologic patients."

Nirmish Singla, MD

Urology resident, University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas




Rotterdam Prostate Cancer Risk Calculator

"It has a very simple interface where you can enter the Prostate Health Index along with the patient's other risk factors, and it calculates the risk of finding significant prostate cancer on biopsy."

Stacy Loeb, MD, MSc

Assistant professor of urology and population health at New York University, New York.


What apps do you use? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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