What are your favorite smartphone apps, and do you use any specific to urology?


Urologists use apps on phones and tablets for the benefit of patients and their own convenience.

I would say the app I use a lot is drawMD Urology. I like it better because you can actually draw on the screen; you can sketch in organs and show the patients where their problem is located.

I really don't use my phone for work as much as I used to."

I'm also a reviewer for the Journal of Pediatric Urology, and I get my notifications about doing reviews on my phone. I tend to go to my laptop to do the reviews, but the app comes up here to tell me I have a review to do."

Brian Jumper, MD
South Portland, ME

I primarily use my phone for phone calls, texting, and maps. I do like other apps. Our hospital is currently going to electronic medical records. Once we have that, I'm sure they will have a link that could be used by a smartphone."

Hrair-George O. Mesrobian, MD

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