What methods do urologists prefer to obtain CME credit?


Urologists choose flexible options when obtaining CME credit.

"Most of my CME credit comes from either online programs, the AUA updates, or the Journal of Urology. Then, each year they have the self-assessment study program put out by the AUA.

That's how I get most of mine, just because it's difficult for me to get to meetings.

In a small private practice, it's hard for me to get away. I do have a partner now, however, and the plan is for us to try to get to more meetings in the next few years. A lot of the meetings have some good robotics courses, and you can't get the technical stuff just by reading about it in a book. You can get hands-on training at the meetings."

If there's a huge audience, people don't get up as frequently and speak their minds. With a smaller audience, the meetings are more topic-oriented. You can go into more depth on one subject."

Jerry Sullivan, MD

"I do the practical reviews, the self assessment program in urology. I read articles that I'm interested in that I can get CME for. I listen to tapes when I'm driving to an outlying clinic.

I prefer reading books to going on the computer. That's a generational thing.

I'm less inclined to go to large meetings, like the AUA annual meeting, and more inclined to go to smaller meetings. Those are more interesting.

I've also gotten to where it's less exciting to travel far. With all the security issues, it's more of a hassle to travel."

Gary L. Appelt, MD
Brenham, TX

But it is a combination. I prefer the in-person courses to online courses, because if I go somewhere, I dedicate my time fully to that. I'm so busy during the week that to go online and block out time is difficult.

It's better to set aside a few days, go somewhere, sit down, and focus on one topic. That's easier for me. I've always preferred to go to meetings.

I'm also in the process of writing a book and have done a lot of research, so I don't mind getting some of my credit through books."

Jerome M. Weiss, MD
San Francisco

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