What transgender medicine looks like in 2021

“I think transgender patients come in particularly with a worry about experiencing mistreatment in a clinician's office, and particularly around genitourinary care,” says Gaines Blasdel.

In this episode, Urology Times® Assistant Editor Janelle Hart spoke with Geolani Dy, MD, and Gaines Blasdel. They discuss the importance of transgender medicine in today’s world, especially in urology, and the best practices to implement when caring for this historically marginalized group of patients. Dy is an assistant professor of urology and plastic and reconstructive surgery at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, who specializes in gender-affirming surgery within the OHSU Transgender Health Program. She also led the creation of Transgender and Non-Binary Surgery Allied Research Collective (TRANS-ARC), which focuses on patient-centered outcomes of genital gender-affirming surgery. Blasdel is a transgender man and gender-affirming surgery outcomes researcher at NYU Langone Health in New York City, New York. He is also a TRANS-ARC Steering Committee Member.